About us

Exceljuta Nationwide (M) Sdn Bhd was founded in 2003 by a few individuals with one aim, to become successful entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams. We realized that entrepreneurship is something that can’t be taught in classrooms. So, we jumped into the bandwagon and decided to take up the challenge by becoming entrepreneurs ourselves. We live by the taught that chance only favors the prepared mind. With such a belief system in place, we are always armed and ready to explore opportunities that suit our talents, knowledge, experience and of course, our boldness.

Our vision is to be one of Forbes Asia’s “Fabulous 50”. Yes, that’s how cool our vision is.

Our mission to achieve our goal is:

  • To build smart partnerships with like-minded organizations across the globe

  • To engage, socialize, build and maintain a solid network of existing successful entrepreneurs

  • To explore and into ground-breaking profitable opportunities and discoveries

  • To initiate, groom and create aspiring budding entrepreneurs to lead our existing ventures and start-ups

  • To contribute back to society

We strive on the philosophy that whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. We believe that everyone is born to achieve greatness regardless of their background and circumstances. Armed with a definiteness of purpose and a burning desire, we strive to achieve our dreams everyday.

EXCELJUTA NATIONWIDE (M) SDN BHD was founded in 2003 as a consultancy company focused in 2 core areas:

Exceljuta Nationwide Energy Services

1. Energy Development and Advisory

Providing strategic, commercial, technical and financial resources to IPPs, resource companies, banks, governments and inter-governmental entities.

Exceljuta Nationwide HR Service

2. H.R. Consulting Services

Specializing in career placements of permanent or contract assignment of IT and non-IT personnel.